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“…The pianist’s pedalling – rich in gradations, and the refined use of vibrato from the strings, as well as the sensitively restrained ritartandi, created an apparent, superlative ensemble unity…
The close connection of the instruments, even through the most complex rhythmic passages, was absolutely cogent. The soft strings’ sound, the vibrant bowing combined with the piano, resulted in an organic ascendance in intensity and dynamics through the moments where passion was called for; yet, it was clear which instrument had the principal material – according to Dvorak’s and Kalomoiris’ intentions – at all times…”

Munich, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Klaus Mohr

“…The technical competence, the rational deciphering of the composer’s style and the spatial awareness, all of which identify with the character of the music, were given to the audience in a charismatic way by the ‘Olympic Trio’”.
Athens, Eleftherotypia, Ioannis Svolos

“…the Olympic Trio was exceptional….Kalomoiris’ gigantic work was superbly interpreted by the three musicians…”
Athens, Kathimerini, Nikos Dontas

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