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„…Mozart’s Sonata KV 279…. this artist unites technical finesse and musical sensitivity. Ravel’s Sonatine was performed splendidly….at times withdrawn, at times with great passion.… ‘Fantasy and Fugue on the subject BACH’ by Franz Liszt…. A furioso work performed in a furioso way. And from the audience the first ‘bravo’….. the applause was by no means just a dutiful obligation.”
Munich, Münchner Merkur, Markus Reitinger

“Her interpretation, convincing, self-assured, imaginative and romantic dominated the piano, giving a rich palette of colors and sounds; the public was riveted during the performance and cheered enthusiastically in the end.”
New York, Proini, Nikos Angelidis

“Jenia Manoussaki interpreted Liszt’s ‘Fantasy on themes from Beethoven’s Ruins of Athens’…. Dynamic, full of energy, pianist Jenia Manoussaki’s playing comfortably supported the extroverted, virtuoso character of the music.”
Athens, Eleftherotypia, Ioannis Svolos

“…she performed with sentimental affluence absolved of superfluity”
Munich, Münchner Merkur, Arno Preiser

“…the talent of the pianist, her skills of a virtuoso, the profound acquisition of the elements of form, style and dramatics of the pieces, as well as the perfection in her performance…”
Kiev, Ludmilla Zvirko

“Jenia Manoussaki interpreted Liszt’s most virtuoso score with clarity, sparkle and musicality, presenting Liszt’s distinctive pages with crystal clear transparency and coherence.”
Athens, Kathimerini, Nikos Dontas

“Strong and mature sound, dynamic variety, self-confidence, sensitivity and excellent technique are some of the characteristic attributes of the pianist Jenia Manoussaki...”
Athens, Melody Club, Peter Petrinos

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